1. How do I export the DICOM standard? 
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  2. How do I compress (zip) the folder?
Compress the Folder

Best Practices Image Guidelines

TMJ Airway Sinus Coronal
TMJ, Airway, Sinus
TMJ Airway Coronal
TMJ and Airway
General Jaw Pain
General Jaw Pain
Coronal Pathology
Sagittal TMJ Airway Sinus
TMJ, Airway, Sinus
TMJ and Airway
Sagittal General Jaw Pain
General Jaw Pain
Sagittal Pathology

Before dismissing the patient:

1. Take 30 seconds to scroll through the volume to verify that the area of interest is within the scan.
2. Make sure that no significant motion (double or overlapped contours) is within the area of interest.  
(Note that even motion of 1-2 mm will affect the measurements and evaluation of pathology or an implant site.)


1. Export DICOM and any other images (~1 min)

2. If the DICOM is a folder, compress (zip) it (30 sec)

3. Upload images and fill out patient data (~1 min)

4. Submit Case (5 sec)

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